Captain’s Log—

Past missions, things we’ve learned on our travels we think you’ll find useful and some pure, simple, adventurous fun.

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Mission Accomplished – Melissa Mcphail

Melissa McPhail Melissa McPhail is a rising star in the epic fantasy genre. Her audiobooks on Amazon Audible have featured in the No1 best-selling spot in the genre. Her previous website, while pretty amazing for a website created several years ago, was simply not a...

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Why you simply cannot ignore Content Marketing in 2019

Why do we need a new form of marketing anyway? Do you hate spam? Do the words “advertising” and “salesy” make you squirm in your seat? Chances are your customers feel exactly the same way. Why do we feel so disgusted by someone advertising to us without our agreement?...

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Mission Accomplished: Robb and Carter Engineering

Robb and Carter, based in Johannesburg South Africa, is an production and jobbing engineering company. Established in 1948 their website was many years old and not even compatible with modern web browsers. Robb and Carter boarded the Rocket to get some promotional...

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Mission Accomplished: The Granite Company

The Granite Company, based in Cape Town South Africa, are wholesalers of premium stone products. A relatively new player in the market they boarded the Rocket to get some promotional power boosters for their own business. We overhauled their website and created...

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