15 Inspirational Christian Author Websites

You’ve completed your beautiful book, now your next step is to create a fantastic website that will have your fans in awe.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your Christian author website, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the best Christian author websites online. We’ll highlight what we loved about each one and hopefully, you’ll get some ideas for your own Christian author website!

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1. Ann Voskamp

This website represents the author so well! The first thing you see is a prompt for Ann’s blog. Her CTA (Call To Action) draws you in. Once you click ‘read’ you are greeted by her latest piece along with an option to play music. You can shuffle through songs as you read her blogs and get yourself inspired to conquer the day!

The typography is done well here. The text is easy to read and the different types of fonts complement each other nicely. Her lead magnet asks for your email address and in return, you receive free tools and printables. Her offering is fitting for the audience she wants to attract.

She uses her platform to promote her books and blogs but also to help others in need. Her website houses the Grace Case and Grace Flame; where you can buy heirlooms. The profits from it go to help change people’s lives. 

This helpful nature is felt at every corner of the site. The website captures the spirit of Ann. The website is soft and delightful. It welcomes you to her as not only an author but as a person.

2. Drs. Donna & David Lane

In a world where we are all scrolling to the next thing, staying in one place is a rarity. This website breaks that pattern with powerful imagery. A sequence of videos plays across the screen as text leads you through the journey. Within seconds you get a glimpse of the Doctor’s Lane and what they can offer you if you simply hop on board.

To contrast the striking imagery, we have a simple menu that emphasizes their blogs. The blogs are filtered into categories. This makes it easy for the user to find something that resonates with them.

As with any good website, they have tons more to offer. They have videos and extra content. You can even be rewarded with a free book if you sign up for their newsletter! This is an excellent lead magnet.

The website goes far beyond their books. They even have a FAQ section as well as an invitation to email them personally. They care about their audience, and this is shown in multiple ways across their website.

We may be a bit biased since we designed it. But we’re sure that once you’ve seen the website, you’d agree.

3. Karen Kingsbury

When clicking the link, you are introduced to Karen’s upcoming book with a background that suits the theme of the novel. You see the description as well as all the ways you can pre-order the book. This is a fantastic way to promote a book.

Then we have the official website. It gets straight to the point! The font is big and so easy to read.

The playful colors and some cursive fonts truly capture the essence of Karen’s books and pour it into her website!

We love how personal she gets on her ‘My story’ page. She dives deep into her life and what got her into writing… what led her to being a Christian author. Her story is inspiring!

On other websites, it’s called an ‘About’ page. But we feel ‘My Story’ fits Karen’s case. 

4. Kristy Cambron

The website has eye-catching colors with funky fonts. It even captures the promised vintage feel without looking outdated! We especially love the usage of tape to hang up pictures. Truly vintage!

The first picture where Kristy introduces herself is lively and fun! Consistency is key!

She has a good lead magnet. Within seconds you receive a pop-up to sign up and receive tons of worthwhile content. I know, I know. Pop-ups are not our favorites, but when done right they can really help you attract new readers.

Kristy offers a lot! In her ‘Media’ section, you can see videos of her teachings and stories. You can even see her research for her books! 

5. Valerie M. Bodden

Branding, Branding, Branding! Valerie comes out the gate with exactly what type of author she is and what types of books she writes. 

She speaks directly to the website user, already building an immediate connection. On top of that, the CTA stands out on the right where you can sign up and get a free short novella.

Warm colors and an easy-to-navigate website make this a great author website if you need something streamlined.

Valerie also has a ‘Connect’ page where you can write her an email. We love seeing authors invite readers to engage with them! Readers get to talk to their favorite authors and ask them questions about their books. And this is exactly what Valerie is encouraging!

6. George Weigel

Another website we at Rocket Expansion designed to add to the list, folks!

And what is not to like about this website? Anything and everything George is in one corner of the internet – his website!

George offers tons of things on his author’s website. You can have a look at his online interviews, read various articles, as well as get access to lectures.

The effort and knowledge on this website are what makes it epic. It is definitely worth taking a few notes on what George is doing.

You can dive into any aspect of his world, but it is made easier with a search bar. This is a great feature if you have as much going on as George.

His newsletter name, The Catholic Difference, is super effective. It has a sense of prestige in that it is content that cannot be owned unless you sign up!

His website has professionalism to it that suits his branding well. When you rock up on his website, you know George means business.

7. Mary Alford

First off, Mary has an excellent lead magnet atop her website. It’s bold and enticing. A free ebook! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Her website fits the outdoor-ish vibe that her book covers feature. The font is also ultra-easy to read.

A mixture of green and yellow buttons pops on the page. It makes it easy to go down the rabbit hole of Mary Alford. She even has options for where you can buy her books. This makes it convenient for readers to pick their preferred platform.

She has a wide range of books, and she even features her upcoming books on the home page. This solidifies her staying power as a Christian Author. It reassures readers that there’s more to come!

8. Francis Chan

Francis’ website is pleasantly simplistic. The mixture of light colors contrasted with dark colors is outstanding. Also, the font is clear and fits the design successfully.

The menu stacks vertically which gives room for the central text to be the main focus. We love that there is Mandarin that accompanies the English menu. This fits the author well.

The website’s contemporary design makes what the author has to offer to stand out. From podcasts to training to his New York Times Best Seller, Until Unity. You can feel the author’s branding throughout. 

9. Jen Wilkin

Jen’s website is professional and classy. The elegant design showcases her books and speaking events.

Although she doesn’t have a newsletter, she has a distinct booking option for you to request her to speak. What better way to get a lead than to attract those that want your services?

She has even more to offer with videos and articles where she discusses her passions for Christianity and helping others.

We appreciate that her website is streamlined and to the point!

10. Scott Sauls

Another example of a simplified website. Scott has his books and blogs out on display in an elegant way. He also offers sermon podcasts on various platforms for anyone that’s interested but can’t visit his church. This is a great way to connect with your audience.

The color palette used is easy on the eyes. It also allows the images for his books and blogs to be the focal point. The website works well to draw your eyes to what Scott has to offer.

We really enjoy how easy it is to navigate through his website. 

11. Lysa Terkeurst

This website provides a gentle feel, from the colors to the text. The neutral colors allow the content to shine.

The content feels personalized and authentic. She shares her favorite podcasts up first before her recent ones. And the subtexts usually have a feeling of community. For example, ‘Let’s get into God’s Word together.’ You feel more connected to the author.

Her events page is particularly navigable. It has so much relevant information! Anyone interested will be able to easily pick the next event they can see her at. 

What we love the most is her home page’s lead magnet design. It allows you to customize what sort of updates and content you want from Lysa. You can tick boxes and get the experience that you desire!

12. Suzanne Leonhard

We were thrilled at the prospect of building a website for Suzanne’s post-apocalyptic Christian fantasy genre…

You’re stopped in your tracks when you land on Suzanne’s website. Suzanne promotes her book front and center for interested readers to get pulled in. A powerful video and an intriguing quote are a winning combination here.

The sleek design has a dark layout. It uses pops of thematic colors to draw focus. We found the logo in the bottom right fun to look at. It turns as you scroll through the page. It’s so unique!

Suzanne has a ‘Get in touch’ option where you can email her directly! Readers can engage with her personally. This way, she can build authentic connections with her community outside of her blogs.

Her lead magnet is quite good too. In exchange for your email address, you are given 3 chapters of her book for free, along with updates and blogs from Suzanne. 

We think the website fits the genre very well. Her identity is reflected solidly throughout her website.

13. John Mark Comer

John’s website is a one-stop shop. And wow, is it done well!

It is single-paged and polished. 

When you hover over the black dots on the right, information zips in and out to label the sections. This is the smoothest design yet.

You slide down the page, slowly being introduced to what John wants to show you next. The stylish design that’s fused with a hint of color-blocking, paves the way for an enjoyable website visit.

His lead magnet, although at the middle and end of the page, pops out. He offers free eBooks and updates in exchange for your email address. He also promises not to email too often which can help get more people to sign up.

His website is out-of-the-box, just like John himself!

14. Tracie Peterson

This website feels like a breath of fresh air! With its Classical design and warm colors, you can feel the heart of Tracie’s novels seep through the screen.

The website is subtle but direct. A neat feature in her ‘Books’ section shows all the places you could get her books from. This makes it easy for the user to pick their desired platform upfront.

We particularly love her ‘Note To Readers’ page. You are brought into her world for a moment as she answers some questions asked by her fans.

The lead magnet is not in your face but can be found everywhere on the website. 

15. James R. Hannibal

The home page opens and you find yourself captivated by an awesome book teaser. This sets the tone for the rest of the website. You’re in for a ride with this one.

James’ book covers are bold and iconic, and his website follows suit. There are so many colors used on the website. But they are all used so expertly!

The website does not follow the norm. Its ordered chaos fits James’ branding to a T. Each page on the author’s website is like stumbling into a new world, all curated by James.

This website goes to a whole new level with content. We’re talking ‘to infinity and beyond.’ He’s written multiple blogs that explain elements of his books, giving fans a magnified look into these worlds. There’s so much to discover!

His lead magnet is like honey to bees if you’re already a fan. He offers a top-secret digital dossier! He definitely knows his audience well.

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