27 Book Marketing Services for Self-Publishing Support

Even a well-written book will never become a bestseller, if no one knows about it. This makes book marketing almost as important as the writing itself.

There are many cogs that turn in the machine of book marketing, and it can be overwhelming to try and accomplish all of them on your own. 

Rest assured! Below we have listed out 27 categories of book marketing services and service providers, so you can research to your heart’s content. We hope these book marketing service providers give you the shortcut you need to get your book to more readers.

Note: The following book marketing services are not owned by, or officially connected with, Rocket Expansion (except when we’ve recommended ourselves!) Before using them, please do your own thorough research to ensure they fit your needs.

Author Website

We’re in the 2020s now and most of the world lives online! Everything can be found online, authors included.

You want a potential reader or a new fan that’s searching for your book or your author name to find you immediately and get sucked into your world and buy all your books! Or at least one book.

An author website can do the trick. It’s your home online that’s open every hour of every day for your target audience to discover and engage with. 

Building an author website can be time consuming, difficult and confusing to do on your own, so you need experts to help.

We love making author’s website dreams come true, so let us help with yours!

Author Website Service Provider

Book Launch

A successful book launch will bring awareness to your book while allowing you to celebrate your accomplishment and connect with your readers. 

Preparing and planning for a book launch can be a lot of work for one person, so, here are some book marketing services out there that have curated packages to help your book get released with a bang:

Featured Pick
Book Launch Service Providers

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important strategies you can use as an author. It’s cost effective, builds brand recognition and helps you gain more readers. Communicating with someone over email is more personal than any other form of online marketing. You can personalize the emails that you send to your subscribers and create a strong long-term relationship with them.

Here are some top-of-the-line email marketing services that are great for authors:

Featured Pick
Email Marketing Service Providers

Paid Advertizing

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. That’s what paid ads are all about.

It allows you to reach your target audience on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Amazon. It takes a lot of effort, planning and time to make paid ads work for you but ultimately it can help you turn strangers that match your reader demographics into fans.

Below are book marketing service providers that can manage your paid advertising for you:

Paid Advertizing Service Providers

Book Reviews

In order for your book to have a chance at hitting bestseller status you need to have reviews come in on the day of release. You can get reviews by reaching out to important figures in the industry (such as well-known authors, bloggers, influencers, etc.) or creating a group of readers to read and review your book by the launch date. 

There are some book marketing service providers that help you get book reviews or endorsements as part of their offering. Check them out:

Featured Pick
Book Reviews Service Providers

Book Reviews: DIY Services

There are also some services that you can reach out to yourself to ask them to provide you with a professional book review. Take a look:

Book reviews DIY Options

Book Tours and other Events

As an author you need to network and connect with industry professionals as well as hold events to promote your book to connect with your readers and potential readers.

Whether it be at speaking engagements, a book tour, blog tour, a book signing or any other type of event, there are plenty of ways to connect with others. 

Booking these events or setting them up yourself can be daunting, so these book marketing service providers below help do it for you.

Featured Pick
Book Events Service Providers


Marketing and publicity are 2 very different strategies but PR ultimately helps sell your book. It’s all about building your author platform and spreading the word about your book.

PR can involve book press releases, reaching out to have your book nominated for an award, having journalists write about you and your book (through newspapers, blogs, magazines, etc) booking interviews on TV, radio, Youtube, podcasts, etc.  

Below are book marketing services that can help with some of the above mentioned PR tactics:

Featured Pick
Publicity Service Providers

Social Media Book Promotion

The best part about using Social Media as an author is engaging with your audience and showing them who you are and getting them excited about what you’re working on or releasing. 

But maintaining your social media accounts by posting consistently can be very time consuming. You have books to write!

So, you can get help with managing your social media platforms, for example your Facebook Author Page, from the below book marketing services.

Featured Pick
Social Media Book Promotion Service Providers

Author Bios + blurbs

It can be tough finding the right words to describe your book…or even yourself! There’s popular keywords and strategies to take into account that can make your book blurb or author bio attention-grabbing for new readers.

These book marketing services help you write your blurbs and author bios:

Author Blurb Service Providers

Content Marketing

Authors have tons of great ideas but not as much time to get them all out, so you can’t always be spending valuable book writing time on content writing for blogs, social media and other platforms. 

Below are some book marketing services that can help you get your content churning out like butter!

Content Marketing Service Providers

Author Branding

Your author branding is a vital part of how you market yourself and your books. It’s about what comes to mind when others think of you. But you have to get them thinking the right things!

These book marketing services will help your author brand be seen exactly how you want it to.

Author Branding Service Providers

Book Cover Designs

Your book becomes easily marketable when it can make a good first impression. This is why your book cover matters. Authors are artists with words…but we reckon there’s not too many that can create high quality book cover designs on their own.  

You can get one of the book marketing services below to help with book cover creation.

Book Cover Design Service Providers

Book Cover Designs: DIY Services

If you’re an author that’s ready to embrace the world of book cover art then here are some DIY options:

Book Cover Design DIY Options

Amazon Services

Amazon is the largest online retailer and selling your book through a program like Kindle Direct Publishing (DP) can be super beneficial to you. It can be a strenuous activity to master selling books on Amazon because there’s a lot to consider. For example, there’s the Amazon reviews section which helps books rank, perfecting your author central page, polishing your book’s page, getting the most out of Amazon listing and acing KDP.

If you’re looking for help with selling your books through Amazon, then these are some book marketing services you can try:

Featured Pick
Amazon Book Marketing Service Providers

Ebook Conversion

The world is going more and more digital every day, so having a perfect eBook format is a must. The following book marketing services can help you with that:

Ebook Conversion Service Providers

Book Marketing Planning

The Book marketing planning phase can be a daunting one. There’s a lot of research that you have to do to find where your target audience is, how to engage with them and the steps you need to take.

If you’re tripping up at the beginning stages then these book marketing services can help you get the gears turning.

Book Marketing Planning Service Providers

Beta, Alpha and ARC Readers Services

Beta readers, ARC readers and Alpha readers are great resources for helping you with creating your book and with marketing it too! They can form part of your launch team for getting book reviews and doing their best to spread the word.

Below are some services you can use to find these readers:

Beta, Alpha and ARC Reader Service Providers

Beta, Alpha and ARC Readers: DIY Services

See these DIY options if you’d like to approach Beta, Alpha or ARC reader services on your own:

Beta, Alpha and ARC Readers DIY Options

Social Media Boosting

You need to maximize your reach when releasing your book, and these book marketing services go the extra mile by promoting your books and authorship on their social media.

Social Media Boosting Service Providers

Book Club Outreach

Another great way to promote your book would be to have it in the book club circles. This can be a great way to get more reviews and more buzz around your book. 

Below are some book marketing services that can reach out to book clubs to read your book.

Book Club Outreach Service Providers

Other Distributors

Amazon is usually the preferred method for buying books, but there are other distributors like Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, etc. 

These book marketing services will help you with distribution to those platforms.

Featured Pick
Other Distributor Service Providers

Book Fairs, Festivals and Exhibits

Besides the normal book events that you could have, you could also attend book fairs, festivals and exhibits to help promote yourself and your books. 

Check out these book marketing services that’ll help get you into these types of events.

Featured Pick
Book Fairs, Festivals and Exhibits Service Providers

Book Fairs, Festivals and Exhibits: DIY Services

Below are book exhibits you can submit to try and be a part of:

Book Fairs, Festivals and Exhibits DIY Options

Promotional Material

When you’re promoting your book you need promotional material that fans and potential readers can buy or win in a giveaway (like posters, T-shirts, mugs and other merchandise) to further propel your book into the public’s eye.

You also need stuff like headshots, bookmarks, business cards and banners for when you’re having book signings or want to network with industry professionals.

You can use one of these book marketing services to help you make these:

Promotional Material Service Providers

Promotional Material: DIY Services

If you want to make promotional material yourself, here are some DIY services that can help you achieve that:

Promotional Material DIY Options

Book Trailer

People love aesthetically pleasing pictures and watching entertaining videos. So, making book teasers and book trailers will be an easy way to grab the attention of your target audience. 

The following book marketing services can help you create book trailers for your book promotion.

Book Trailer Service Providers


With the shift to a more digital focused world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must if you want to be easy to find online.

SEO requires a lot of time and effort with keyword research, implementation of the right copy on different platforms, trial and error, etc.

If you want someone to help you or do it for you, look at these book marketing services:

SEO Service Providers

Customized Approach

If you’re looking for someone to measure your needs and draw up a plan and strategy that fits exact, then you may want to check out book marketing services that take the customized approach:

Customized Approach Service Providers


Some book marketing services offer some interesting marketing strategies and tactics as a part of their packages. Check them out:

Miscellaneous Book Marketing Service Providers


Sometimes you just need a guiding hand to show you the ropes and let you slowly take over and handle all the book promotion once you’re comfortable.

These are the book marketing services that do coaching:

Featured Pick
Coaching Service Providers

Marketing Books

There’s a lot to learn in the world of book marketing and if you’re interested in knowing more, you can take a look at the following marketing books that will be helpful to authors:

Marketing Books

After Marketing Your Book

Once you’re done marketing your book, all the hard work put in is not wasted since it’ll be online for years to come!

New readers will find your books through keywords and trailers online which is wonderful. A great place to store all your book marketing and promotional material is your author website. It’s a fun rabbit hole that you want potential readers to fall through to learn everything about you and what other books you’ve written.

Fill in the enquiry form and we’ll be happy to help give your book marketing strategies a head start.

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