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We’re a creative website and digital marketing agency helping authors, speakers, and influencers with beautiful websites and engaging marketing that wows their audiences into taking action.

How It All Began

Around 2018, Matt was a freelance artist and digital illustrator. Sonja was working in marketing for lifestyle and corporate brands. Matt found being an artist often lonely, and the corporate world wasn’t Sonja’s life-long dream.

We decided we would have a whole lot more fun working together and building something amazing than we would on our separate career paths.

And so, Rocket Expansion was born. We decided our business name should be a verb, an action word. So Rocket Expansion is the kind of crazy business and sales growth you experience when marketing is done right.

Then We Met You

Almost by accident, perhaps by fate, we began taking on more and more author, speaker and thought leader clients over the past several years. We noticed that our creativity and communication skills complemented the powerful thought leaders and culture shapers that the author and speaker community is made of.

Let’s face it, authors and speakers are some of the most awesome, most influential people in the world.

Books create the culture of our future. Without you, we’d all have a pretty dull planet with no new ideas being born to keep us truly alive and aware as a species. Thank you for what you’re doing! There’s no other audience we’d rather serve. 

So, being the crazy crew of creative internet pirates that we are, we decided if we were going to do this thing right, we’d better create a platform geared toward our author, speaker, and thought leader friends.

It would be a platform for authors, speakers, and thought leaders to gain essential online marketing tools, skills, and strategies; a platform where you can hang out and learn from others who are like-minded, and, of course, a platform to offer our services to help you succeed.

And, so we came to our goal for you: Rocket Expansion!

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