Facebook Ads For Authors That Accelerate Your Book Sales

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Results Driven

Already getting steady sales from Amazon? Want to grow them faster?

Our Facebook Ads for Authors services help you massively scale your book sales.

Why spend thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to master Facebook ads yourself, when an experienced Facebook ads agency can do them for you and make you money while you write your next book?

Our Ads Services Are Designed To:

Give you positive, profitable returns on your ad spend

Massively increase your reach and exposure to new readers

Grow your reader community via your email list

Free you up to write more, while our experienced team fully manages your ads

How Does It Work?

Our Process:

Meet on Zoom

to discuss your books, target audience, and marketing goals.

Activate Monthly Subscription

if it looks like we’re a good fit for you.

Your Ads Go Live

within a week.

Our Results-Driven Guarantee

Make Your Money Back In Book Sales, Or We Don’t Get Paid

We’re so confident in our ability to rocket your book sales with Facebook Ads, that if we don’t at least make you back your advertising spend within the first month, we’ll refund you our service fee in full.

Of course, that simply protects you from the worst-case scenario. We’ll aim to make your ads much more profitable than merely breaking even!

The Details…

Facebook and Instagram Ads for Authors


  • Audience research
  • Ad creatives (we’ll design video/still ads using your imagery, footage, and branding)
  • Ad copy
  • Campaign setup, optimisation, and management
  • Monthly reporting


Phase 1: Set up
(within week 1)

  • Review of current and past ads (yours and similar authors)
  • Create target audiences
  • Create Images/Videos/Ad copy
  • Launch ad testing with a lower budget to find performance winners

Phase 2: Scale
(within weeks 2–3)

  • Based on audience, creative and copy testing either:
    A: Keep existing ads running and tweak them to improve performance further
    B: Stop existing ads and launch more successful ads
  • Increase ad spend on winning ads to improve results
  • Continue to test new ads weekly and profitably scale existing ads

Phase 3: Ongoing
(from month 2)

  • Creation of new ads based on insights & opportunities
  • Continual testing and optimisation based on performance
  • Monthly Reporting

How Much?

Our Service Fee:

Facebook and Instagram Ads for Authors:

$1000 Monthly *

Recommended Minimum Ad Spend:

Payable directly to the Facebook Ads platform. We will assist in proper billing setup if needed:

$3000 – $5000 Monthly **

** NOTE: We won’t blow your budget on non-profitable ads. We’ll slowly scale up the ad spend when we see our ads are getting results. Ideally, every $1 ad spend should equal at least $2 – $3 revenue.

* Should we spend more than $6,666 per month on ad spend, our monthly service fee will scale up at 15% of ad spend per month. This is because scaling an ad budget profitably requires more and more care and attention to keep the return on ad spend in a good range (more ad creation, tighter optimization, etc).

We will always start your ad spend smaller and test for results until we are confident about our ad setup and then we’ll scale the budget from there to maximize return on ad spend.

  1. This is an agreement between your business from here on referred to as the “Client” and Rocket Expansion Digital Marketing Agency, from here on referred to as “Rocket Expansion”.
  2. All Client confidential information disclosed to Rocket Expansion will be held in confidence and all reasonable means will be taken to protect the sensitive nature of such information.
  3. Once paid for in full any elements of text, graphics, photos, content, or other artwork furnished to the Client for inclusion in the website or other marketing assets are owned by the Client.
  4. By accepting this proposal the Client acknowledges that they have ownership of, or permission from the rightful owner, to use any images, video, audio, design, or other digital elements that are provided by the Client for inclusion in the website and/or other marketing material, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Rocket Expansion from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements.
  5. Rocket Expansion retains the right to tastefully display Client campaigns as a case-study example of their results. However, Rocket Expansion will not display confidential or sensitive information in such use of client campaign case studies (see clause 2.)
  6. After marketing retainer services are begun a 3-month review will be held in which both parties will have the opportunity to assess the marketing services thus far. At this point, the marketing services can either be extended or brought to a close.
  7. No Ad spend will be activated or changed without written Client approval.
  8. Termination of the monthly billing cycle must occur before the 25th day of the monthly billing cycle to ensure no further delivery costs are incurred.
  9. In the case of advertising spend, it is understood by the Client that Facebook, Google, and other 3rd party advertising platforms used will bill the Client independently of Rocket Expansion and operate on their own terms and conditions. Rocket Expansion will, however, assist the Client in the proper setup of such advertising platforms if they are part of a Rocket Expansion service.
  10. This agreement becomes effective only when the first monthly upfront payment is made by the Client. The fact of making this payment constitutes the Client’s acceptance of and agreement with, these terms and conditions.
  11. By accepting this agreement it is understood by both parties that the time frame for completion of the campaign elements in this project is heavily dependent on swift decision-making processes and furnishing of any needed elements from the Client and/or agents thereof eg. images, text or corrections or drafts for approval.
  12. Project feedback and correspondence are to be done via email. Please keep the same email thread to make it easier to track project progress. Voice notes, mobile messages, calls, etc will not be accepted for feedback as it is difficult to track and share with our team. If this is your preferred method – it needs to always be followed by an email, please.
  13. Office Hours: While we love our work and our ability to be flexible with our time, please allow reasonable time to respond to your requests, and note we do take some time off on rare occasions. Our office hours are from 9 am – 6 pm GMT +2, Monday to Friday. We make time in our evenings for clients with different time zones if needed. South Africa is GMT/UTC + 2 Standard Time.
  14. The agreement contained in this contract constitutes the sole agreement between the Client and Rocket Expansion regarding all items included in this agreement.