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Your business success is what fuels our engines. We named ourselves Rocket Expansion as a statement of intent for our client’s businesses. Effective promotion and marketing tools are the keys to taking your business to the next level fast. Ask any massively successful business why they spend an average of 10% of their budget on marketing and the main bulk of that on online marketing. We treat your business success as an extension of our own. We’re in this together and our successes are intertwined the moment you connect with us. Rocket Expansion is not just our name, it’s our policy.

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The proven formula we follow for successful digital space exploration:
Step 1 - Research…
Who do you want to reach? Who would you want to buy your products and services? What are your competitors doing that is working? What could you do better than them? Without an idea of your target market and what they’re like you have no way of knowing what message will reach them the best. Without an idea of your potential competition you have no way of knowing if your message will stand out from the crowd.
Step 2 - The message…
Your brand is essentially a smoothly crafted connection between the type of people you’d like to reach and making the benefits of your products and services very real to those people. Get it right and your products and services become irresistible.
Step 3 - Action…
Once we’ve worked out 1 and 2, knowing what kind of logo, website, colors, content etc. to use become SO much easier to decide upon. Decisions based on real knowledge yield real results.
Step 4 - Feedback...
Possibly the most important aspect of your marketing efforts are tracking what worked and what didn’t work. Then constantly building on the successful approaches and cutting out the losing ones. The feedback you get acts as a new type of Research Step which you’ll then follow with a new step 2, 3 and 4 and so on. In this way you continually focus in on the most effective marketing formula your brand could possibly have.
Step 5 - Volume...
As we start ironing out the right message that hits the target every time, we then start getting it out as frequently as possible on as many different channels as we can. More reach equals more people who know about you, equals more people who trust you, equals mores sales opportunities.

3… 2… 1…


To take you from this world to the next



Without an overall plan of what all your marketing efforts are directed towards achieving its very hard to know if your individual efforts are working with or against each other.

Never fly off course with our marketing mission control experts a phone call away.



Your brand is how you translate your value into a language your market truly understands. Visual and emotional communication play a huge role in this. Creating the right associations with your product and business have everything to do with how well it’s accepted and desired by others.



Your personal real estate on the internet. Where you’re 100% in control of where your prospect’s attention goes and what actions they can take to interact with your business. Your super weapon in the war for attention and customer engagement (especially when we’re through with it.)

Email Marketing


A long time champion of the digital toolkit, email marketing boasts a higher ROI than almost anything else available. If you’re not using email campaigns aggressively in your marketing strategy chances are you’re missing out. Ensure you get the most out of this power tool.

graphic design


You want your presence to be everywhere. Wherever there’s potential customer attention is where you should plant your flag. You should be in magazines on their coffee tables, in brochures on their desks, on packaging, on other’s websites, on expo banners, everywhere. As our clients we ensure your brand message is consistent across all media and therefore powerful and impactful.

Social media


A lot of buzz is made about social media and how to use it. It’s essentially just another channel of communication— many other channels to be precise. Which social channels do your public tune into? That’s where you want to be. The more attention you’re getting, the more people recognize you and realize you’re for real.



Set up your website for orders and payments directly from your website using secure payment portals.

If your sales outlet is not taking advantage of this scalable business model with less costs than in-store selling you’re probably missing out big time.



Grab your prospective customers’ attention that much faster with animated text and images. Walk them through entertaining explanations and demonstrations of your product or process.

Animation gives you an extra level of engagement and interest that can’t be achieved with still images. It’s also proven to convert much higher than still images.

Content Creation


By regularly posting relevant, high value content you become regarded as an authority in your field. This makes your website a useful resource to your customers and prospects and gives people a reason to keep coming back for more.

We create your content from research to full final edit and layout.

your product


You can use some or all of these tools and approaches. The amount of energy, budget and intelligence applied to your promotion and marketing will determine the results and speed of your business’s expansion. However if you don’t have a real product of value and a cost effective way of producing it in a reasonable time it won’t go far. Before we go ahead with your bid for world domination we’ll make sure we’re building on a solid foundation. We’re all about long-term prosperity for our clients.

Captain’s log 

Past missions, things we’ve learned on our travels we think you’ll find useful and some pure, simple, adventurous fun.

Mission Accomplished – Melissa Mcphail

Melissa McPhail Melissa McPhail is a rising star in the epic fantasy genre. Her audiobooks on Amazon Audible have featured in the No1 best-selling spot in the genre. Her previous website, while pretty amazing for a website created several years ago, was simply not a...

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Why you simply cannot ignore Content Marketing in 2019

Why do we need a new form of marketing anyway? Do you hate spam? Do the words “advertising” and “salesy” make you squirm in your seat? Chances are your customers feel exactly the same way. Why do we feel so disgusted by someone advertising to us without our agreement?...

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Mission Accomplished: Robb and Carter Engineering

Robb and Carter, based in Johannesburg South Africa, is an production and jobbing engineering company. Established in 1948 their website was many years old and not even compatible with modern web browsers. Robb and Carter boarded the Rocket to get some promotional...

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Fly with us —

Let the captain know what project you have in mind. We’ll get back to you shortly with a proposal including timeline, suggested strategy and pricing.



Going the extra light year is part of our flight plan.


Rocket Expansion redesigned my author website and did an outstanding job in every aspect. They were able to hear my vision for the site and turn it into something remarkable and unique. It is truly a work of art. Their expertise shows in both the quality of the design and the details of the interactivity users experience. It's a living, breathing site that you want to spend time looking through. I was also wholly impressed with the level of customer service. They addressed quickly my every nit-picky comment, and they made sure the site was running flawlessly - and still continue to do so. Highly recommended.

Melissa McPhail

Fantasy Author,

“Since we have been using Rocket Expansion as our marketing service, our sales have rocketed!
I can categorically recommend this dynamic team. They always deliver what they promise.”

Greta Del Sal

Director, DLA Granite Investments

Rocket Expansion facilitated and designed my business website. The website is modern and encouraged lead generation. Matt & Sonja are great to work with and have a wealth of marketing and design knowledge, including digital marketing. Thanks to Rocket Expansion for partnering with me.

Andrew Pitchers

Director, Select Solar

“Since using Rocket Expansion my businesses literally have rocketed. This team just know what they're doing and know how to target the right market. They listen to exactly what you want and deliver it.  Thanks guys.”

Keith Endean

Director, The Granite Company

Rocket Expansion have been amazing in helping me to strategise, plan and develop my design and business plan. I have loved this journey with this dynamic, professional and every helpful team. I look forward to continuing my business journey with them and recommend their services very highly.

Debbie Stopforth

Director, Safe My Mate

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