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The Granite Company, based in Cape Town South Africa, are wholesalers of premium stone products. A relatively new player in the market they boarded the Rocket to get some promotional power boosters for their own business. We overhauled their website and created consistent branding throughout print ads and brochures. We also fully researched, wrote and edited a 1600 word editorial article now published in a leading magazine in it’s field. Since the implementation of our campaign The Granite Company has been rapidly expanding with more and more reach for their exclusive products.


  • The Granite Company


  • Web design
  • Website Build
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Design


  • 7 Pages
  • Custom copy
  • Icons
  • Blog Article
  • Product sizing guides
  • Product range guides
  • WordPress Build
  • 1600 word article
  • Print advertisement


  • Strategy consultation

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To a targeted audience We created a fully researched 1600 word article on their exclusive imported product: stone-veneer. The article was featured in the August/September issue of Leading Architecture and Design. We also created a follow up print ad for the same magazine for readers to find out how to contact the Granite Company. The feature article included the origins of the product, full technical specifications in terms of benefits to their clients, in detail look at the variations in the product range and the applications of each as well as an interview with the Granite Company and their roles as exclusive suppliers in Southern Africa.

Main Pages

On their home page we briefly featured their main offering and unique benefits, their supply chain, product ranges, service team and company values. We added 2 calls to action both focussed on customer acquisition. One on the header to phone them directly, since a lot of their clients will be looking them up online to do just that. A second call to action is at the bottom of the page is for their 2 email subscription campaign lists for their 2 main groups of clients. We separated the product pages into 2 main pages:

  • The first for their main line of stone products with a menu that scrolls to each of the products depending on client interest. At the end of this page is a call to action to view the their new. exclusive product offering on…
  • The second showcasing their new featured product offering in detail and similarly scrolling through the various products within the range via the page menu.
Since we have been using Rocket Expansion as our marketing service, our sales have rocketed! I can categorically recommend this dynamic team. They always deliver what they promise.”
Greta Del Sal

Managing Partner, The Granite Company

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