What is Niche Marketing? And Why Should You Care?

I want to share with you something that really really helped us a lot. What I’m going to tell you right now is the key to connecting to more of your ideal customers much more quickly.

So let’s get right into it.

What we’re going to cover today is What is niche marketing? And why should you care?

What is Niche Marketing?

So the first thing we’re going to go over is:

What is a niche?

It’s very simple. A niche is not just a broad audience or a broad area or broad field.

It’s narrow. It’s perfect. Its laser precisely targeted.

You’re not speaking to everybody. You’re speaking to a small area. A small defined area of people.

For example, let’s think of a good example… What about a dentist, right? So you could have a dentist who is a general family dentist. So you’re the general family dentist of Cape Town or London or Paris or whatever it is, right?

How many general family dentists do you think they are in Cape Town or London or Paris or New York or whatever? A LOT right?

For you to be THE general family dentist of Cape Town or London or Paris or whatever your city is right now or village or whatever it’s kind of impossible because, to be honest, it’s such a general broad thing that nobody would even think of finding out “well, who is the best general family dentist of the city?”, right?

Let’s switch it around… Let’s say you are the specialist in your city that is the absolute pro at helping children with teeth alignment. Maybe even children with jaw difficulties. You specialize in helping them to align their teeth, right?

Let’s say… there are thousands and thousands of dentists in your city. I know, for example, in Washington DC there are over 4000 dentists.

If somebody really wants to find the absolute best dentist to help them align their children’s teeth… Who do you think they’re going to trust?

The dentist whose website says “Hey we’re just a general family dentist?” Or the dentist that says “We specialize only in helping children have perfectly aligned teeth?”

Now you start to see the importance, right?

So that is a niche. A niche is a segment of a market and it’s a clearly defined segment of the market.

Why Should You Market To A Specific Niche?

So the beautiful thing about niching is it creates this immediate connection, this immediate agreement. The person comes and they say “yes, you are for me!”

The person immediately… your ideal customer arrives and goes “wow, they’re speaking my language! The words on this website are or made for me! The problems that I have are recognized!”

So immediately the right kind of client will look and see your website and see your marketing materials and will feel like you are speaking to them and the beautiful thing about that is that person is so much more likely to become a buyer.

That person is already saying “Yes, you’re the right person! Yes you know my problems! Yes, you’ve helped a lot of people exactly like me in the past!” and then when you say “Hey, here’s a proposal.” or “Here’s a, you know, sales offer.” It’s not very much more of a jump for them to say “Yes, I will take that. I know you’re for me. You’ve very, very clearly demonstrated you know what you’re doing. When can we get started?”

So that is the beauty of niche marketing. It sets you up for a win.

Unlike the big general thing of trying to serve EVERYBODY which just basically sets you up for having a lot of people knocking on your door, and clicking on your website, and calling you and going “well, I know you do a whole lot of stuff. Are you for me?” and you’re going to get a lot more NOs and you’re going to say, “I’d like to be polite and everything, and you know we’d like to take your business, but just to be honest… We’re just not such a good fit.”

Niche Marketing Makes Selling to Your Ideal Buyer SO MUCH EASIER

So that is I think the whole real point. You’re going to get a lot more sales, a lot more easily!

You are going to attract only your ideal customers. Which is exactly what you want, right?

And before I end this post I’m just going to give you one more little tip.

How To Choose Your Niche To Market To

So obviously the question that could come up here is, well, “How do I know what to niche in?”

Let’s say we took our dentist example. It’s an easy one to relate to. Everyone knows a dentist, right?

I would suggest doing that like this…

This is how we found our niche and we actually do several niches and this is something you can also think about is you don’t have to specialize in just one.

Specialize in one. Nail it. Make a whole lot of marketing material that just speaks to that niche. And then take another niche. Specialize and nail it and you can speak completely to these people through a certain website and through certain marketing and then you can make another website and speak completely to these people and they will both love you and they’ll both be easy to get as customers.

So that’s just a tip. You don’t have to only pick one niche but pick one niche. Develop it. Get it right. Get it working and then take another one and do the same thing… but back to my point, how do you decide what’s going to be your niche?

Niche Marketing Tip: Focus On Your Strengths And Successes

So I would suggest this approach… look at what you can already do well. Look at the customers who are easiest to serve and the customers that love the results they got from you. Look at the things that you really feel like you’re an absolute pro at, or closest to being a pro at, and then just do more and more and more and more and more of that!

And the beautiful thing about this approach is… you’re going to put yourself forward as a specialist in this area. You’re probably going to be a bit better than other people because you already find it easier to do and you’ve impressed more people and more people have been happy with your services and products in that area.

So you probably are a little bit better than other people at it, but you definitely ARE going to be the best at it before long because you’re only doing that. Other people are doing all this other nonsense stuff… but you’re going “hey, I’m doing this!” and you’re going to do it really well.

You can create one service, one product again and again and again and again. You can also create a very specific set of products and services that just serve that niche market and sell and deliver them over and over.

I’m pretty sure pretty, pretty soon, before long you ARE going to be that best specialist dentist in your city who only specialized in aligning children’s teeth! (or whatever niche you chose to dominate!)

That’s it from us today. If niche marketing (or any aspect of your digital marketing) is something you need help with, contact us and we’ll be happy to see we can help you out.

I’ll leave you with this: Do you have a definite niche that you are marketing to? Have you decided to pick a more definite niche because of reading this? Comment below

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