Mission Accomplished: Davis Ashura

Fantasy Author Website Design Case Study

Davis Ashura is an epic fantasy author known for the series’ “The Castes and Outcastes: An Asian Indian Epic Fantasy” and “The Chronicles of William Wilde.”

He’s sold over 100K copies thus far and showing no signs of slowing down. Having discovered us by one of our other websites we built for another author, Davis boarded the Rocket to give his website a complete make-over.

Here is a summary of the outcome.

  • Author: Davis Ashura
  • Web design
  • Website Build
  • Graphic Design
  • 12 Pages
  • Custom graphics, copy, and layout
  • Animated scroll-activated user-experience
  • WordPress Build
  • Existing 223 Post Blog Fully integrated
  • Responsive design optimized for any device





Main Pages

The number one best-selling item in Davis’ collection is his audiobook series “The Castes and the Outcastes.” We opened up the website showcasing this series and giving fans and visitors an easy route to learn more and buy.

  • An author website’s number 1 focus must be on their books. Following this their own personal brand (who is writing these books?). We provided plenty of material on the website for both of these focuses. We completely reimagined the About page with Davis in front of a fantasy landscape complete with flying dragon. We also added customized blog layouts for his 223 blog posts, special fan interest pages with glossaries, character notes and histories, and a whole lot of cool character art.
  • Last but not least to engage visitors and keep them coming back for more we created an email opt in marketing funnel in which visitors get the first chapters of his first series both in eBook and audio book, followed by and option to buy. Ultimately a website is about effective marketing. It should help you engage with future fans and help you sell!

Home Page


“…I’m thrilled with the results.”

I had a fantastic time working with Matt and his group at Rocket Expansion. They bring such a positive energy to their work, and it shows. I’m thrilled with the results.
Davis Ashura
Epic Fantasy Author

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