Mission Accomplished: Robin Hogarth

Grammy Award-Winning Muso Website Design Case Study

Robin Hogarth is a double Grammy Award Winning Producer, Composer, and Arranger.

He has made his mark in the industry as the go-to producer of Southern African Traditional Music for TV and Film. His music has been used by celebs like Oprah and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He’s collaborated on projects with legends like Paul Simon, Alicia Keys, and Johnny Clegg.

The challenge of Robin’s website was how to fit such an enormous wealth of albums, projects, and accolades into one online resource that does justice to his incredible living legacy.

  • Robin Hogarth: Producer, Arranger & Composer
  • Web design
  • Website Build
  • Graphic Design
  • 14 Pages
  • Custom graphics, copy, and layout
  • Playable Music Library
  • WordPress Build
  • Customized Blog Posts
  • Project and Resource Cataloging 
  • Responsive design optimized for any device





Main Pages

With a career spanning over 50 years across multiple genres, Robin had accumulated so much content that the biggest challenge with this project was how to organize it. We wanted to create a pleasurable, engaging experience for the website visitor that would also radiate Robin’s uplifting, eclectic personal brand.

We went through 3 completely different iterations of the website design before settling on the “double exposure” page header concept with African/fusion theme details. Using this style we hinted subtly at the “film” aspect of his career and were able to combine key story elements into interesting and colorful compositions.

Anyone who knows Robin will know his legendary, colorful shirts. This was the main inspiration for the double exposure idea. The shirt “patterns” now became the subject matter of the page.

Within the pages themselves:

  • We kept the homepage simple and impactful, an invitation to jump into the area of the website most interesting to the visitor and an engaging taste of the rest of the site’s style.
  • The double exposure theme run’s throughout the site’s pages. We also included multimedia on virtually every page of the site. Videos of Robin’s projects all over the world color the site. Over 200 sample audio clips give visitors the full-bodied flavor of his work.
  • The site is designed to lead a visitor through all the work they’re interested in a kind of content loop and once they’ve learned enough, contact Robin to become involved in their next project. At the bottom of almost all pages are suggested pages to continue to explore and a contact form to reach out.

About Page


“…they have done an amazing job in every area”

Rocket Expansion has just completed the creation of a brand new website for me. Being as it is a comprehensive representation of my life’s work, they have done an amazing job in every area: aesthetic ideas, voluminous projects, and a far reaching format. They have done an excellent job in understanding the complexities and wide parameters of what I do, taking care, and producing a vehicle which will communicate to all and drive my future plans. Thank you Matt and Sonja! 
Robin Hogarth
Producer, Arrangers, Composer

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