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Robb and Carter

Robb and Carter, based in Johannesburg South Africa, is an production and jobbing engineering company. Established in 1948 their website was many years old and not even compatible with modern web browsers. Robb and Carter boarded the Rocket to get some promotional power boosters for their business and a much needed website upgrade. We overhauled their website and are as delighted with the results as they are.


  • Robb and Carter


  • Web design
  • Website Build


  • 6 Pages
  • Customized copy
  • WordPress Build
  • Introduction email to launch new website


  • Strategy consultation

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On their home page we briefly featured their mission statement and unique benefits, manufacturing capacity, quality control and company values. We added 2 calls to action both focussed on customer acquisition. One on the header to phone them directly, since a lot of their clients will be looking them up online to do just that. A second call to action is at the bottom of the page along with clear options of ways to get in contact.

There other pages include:

  • A services page outlining clearly there core business products, standards and manufacturing capacity.
  • A downloads page with all relevant documentation a customer would need to see if they were a good business fit.
  • An about us page featuring drone shots of the companies development over the past 70 years and it’s rich history.
“A much needed upgrade. Our staff are excited and proud of our new online home. It’s so much better than our previous site. We should’ve done this years ago.

Managing Director, Robb and Carter Engineering

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