20 Children’s Author and Illustrator Websites That Delight

Wanting to know what can keep children busy for longer than 10 seconds? Or how to make the most entertaining and fun children’s author website on the net?

Look no further, here are some examples of my favorite children’s author websites!

Eric Carle

Eric Carle

Eric does a wonderful job of using the right colors and font without being too overwhelming and in your face.

His use of the caterpillars in different settings fits in perfectly with his books.

The choice he made of using watercolors and not bright and in your face colors adds a calming element to the site and makes it feel easy to navigate.

Something to learn from Eric’s site is to really lean on your beautiful illustrations. As a children’s author, you should definitely make sure your artwork (and book cover art especially) is excellent already. You can then use this in your website as well. 

David Walliams 

David Walliams

David’s website is definitely something I would have loved as a kid. 

Fun buttons to push (do yourself a favor and push the “do not press” button. You won’t regret it). 

He also makes use of fun and bright colors that pop and stand out and grab the attention of his target audience.

He has a lot of books on offer. His filter navigation is an elegant way to help visitors quickly find what they are looking for.

Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch

Munsch’s website, although it’s old and it can be hard to see pictures and read some text) is fun.

The layout is very different from other children’s author websites. He uses book spines as the navigation to different areas of the website, which I thought was very creative!

He also includes a lot of content from and for his readers on his site, such as poems that he writes for them based on emails that he gets sent, pictures of him visiting classes, and a whole section where he posts the letters and drawings he’s been sent.

This makes it fun for his readers as they feel like maybe he’ll include them, leading them to be added to the mailing list!

Jacqui Shepherd


We built this website for Jacqui. We added her illustrated characters throughout the site and gave it an animated feel.

Jacqui offers downloadable coloring-in pages for kids to interact with her characters, and a regularly updated blog to give recent news.

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Judy Moody

Judy Moody

Judy Moody’s website was built with kids in mind. Her fun background and colors work well together and make for a fun and engaging site for kids to spend some time on!

Her “way not boring stuff” is a cool place filled with games, tips, and Judy Moody themed party ideas! Something young kids would be into.

You can take a page out of Judy’s book and create a wealth of fun fan resources for kids, parents and teachers to fall in love with your work.

Want To Give Your Readers An Engaging Online Experience?

Get an author website that showcases your books, grows your list, and attracts publishers and promoters.

Jon Scieszka

Jon Scieszka

Jon’s website has one feature that stands out to me above the rest and that’s his writing process page. 

A lot of kids who like to read and read often want to eventually become authors themselves, but they have no idea where or how to start.

This is what makes Jon’s idea so good. He shows his process and how he gets an end product, which is basically giving kids advice and showing them how it’s done.

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter 

Beatrix’s website is absolutely beautiful. From the colors to the pictures and small drawings all over the site.

The minute you arrive on the homepage you feel welcome and calm as if you’ve just arrived at your gran’s house in time for tea!

Her website also includes recipes and fun things for kids to do, and a lot of information about her legacy as a well-known legend in children’s fiction.

Doreen Cronin 

Doreen Cronin

Doreen Cronin makes use of a very important tool, especially during COVID times, a skype button. When you click this button a form comes up that allows you to request a skype call with her! She let’s teachers organise skype calls with her so she can directly interact with school kids who are fans of her work.

Her website couples cute drawings of farm animals characters and the bright yet gentle colors.

Mo Willems

Mo Willems

Mo Willems’s defining feature is the way he creatively incorporates his name into his website. His FAQ is phrased as “Did you Mo that …”. This is a small thing that will go a long way in entertaining kids and teens. 

The fun play on words and the cartoons he’s edited his head onto shows that he is a child at heart, therefore children would get along with him!

He also features animations that you can interact with, like birds flying and before you know it you’re playing a game to bath them!

Dr. Seuss


Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? The Cat In The Hat, the Lorax, the Who’s, and the Grinch! There’s not a kid I know who doesn’t know of or love Dr. Seuss.

Well, Dr. Seuss’s website allows for everyone to meet his characters. When you enter the characters’ page on the website you can click on literally any Dr. Seuss character ever written about.

The website then takes you to a page that shows all the books and movies that the character is in and even a fun rhyme about the character.

The site has a lot of pages and things to do on it. This could be overwhelming or confusing but this problem is solved by a breadcrumb navigation system that clearly shows you how different pages connect with each other.

The site also warns you if you’re clicking a link that leaves the website, in case you really wanted to stay and play for longer.

Drew Daywalt

Drew Daywalt

On Drew’s website, there is a video tab where you have the option to listen to Drew read his books!

The reason this is so good is that you get to hear the book the way the author intended it to sound. Meaning that the characters and the expressions really come across well. He also gives you a unique story-behind-the-story view of what made him think of these stories in the first place.



Another classic children’s book that has an amazing website to match is Paddington. 

I love Paddingtons’ website for several reasons, but my favorite features are the small attention to detail, like the cursor being Paddington’s paw, the online games, and the fact that there are pictures (and the backstory) of the real, original Paddington bear.

Amelia Badelia

Amelia Bedelia 

Amelia Bedelia’s website is one of the few children’s websites I’ve seen where she focuses on growing her mailing list. As an author this is one of your most powerful marketing tools so it makes sense to do this on your website if you can.

Each time you open a new tab or window it pops up asking you to type in your email, of course, there are benefits to this such as sneak peeks and special offers. 

This is a great feature for a kid’s website as kids often just sign up for things that keep grabbing their attention which then allows the author to get more leads and therefore have more traffic on the site.

Alexis Deacon

Alexis Deacon 

Alexis Deacon has a very creative feature in the way you move around the site. His website feels like a book’s pages turning. 

Each tab you click on changes the page of the book, something innovative and interesting to see.

Quentin Blakes 

Quentin Blake

Quentin’s website does a great job of helping you understand his process as an illustrator. If you’re an illustrator and author this can be a great way to make your website more engaging.

A unique and fun feature on his website is his interactive studio tour.

The frame allows you to zoom in and out and move around, as well as click on the information buttons on different areas of the room to find out about why he uses certain things and how he uses them, like his lightbox for example. 

I’ve never seen this before. It allows you into his space and ultimately into his writing and drawing brain.

Dick King-Smith 

Dick King-Smith

Dick King-Smith’s website features a unique “day in the life” section. 

His daughter writes about what would typically happen during his day in detail – from the thoughts that go through his head to what his wife cooks him for dinner.

I found it interesting to read and I’m sure young readers would as well.

Emily Gravett

Emily Gravett

Emily’s website is the most interactive children’s website home page I’ve seen.

You are greeted by a white bunny carrying a stack of books. As you click on the side arrows to navigate the room he runs around after you, making it feel almost like a videogame experience. 

Some items, such as the table, you can click on and go to different pages. 

It is a unique website and I had fun clicking on different objects and roaming around the room!

Shel Silverstien

Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein’s website is another interactive one. It looks as though it’s a doodle in a notebook, something a lot of kids can relate to, but the doodles are alive as you move around the site. 

Each time you hover over a tab a new “doodle” pops up above the tab. It’s fun and entertaining to hover over things to see what would pop up next.

Jeremy Strong

Jeremy Strong

Jeremy’s website is similar to David Walliams in the fact that they both use strong and bright colors to grab attention and get young kids interested. 

It also features attention grabbing animation.

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