Please stop overloading my brain


Matt here.

I’ve taken some time off lately to learn more about, well, learning things in general (and more about marketing-type stuff as well.)

Surprised myself when I realized something big about online learning in general.

Something I think could help you too.

I’ve done a lot of courses on marketing, advertising, all things digital, business building, and a bunch more technical subjects I won’t bore you with.

In fact, I have a stupidly huge library of courses. (Most of which I’ve never completed)

So recently it hit me…

I wasn’t learning in many of these courses. I was just stuffing my mind with more information.

In fact, in many online courses I felt more confused than when I started!

Example: I bought a massive course bundle on online marketing. So much information. Like way over a hundred hours.

When I tried to start, I had no idea which course fitted in where!? There was just too much to take in. Like a burger with no sauce and no fries, I just couldn’t consume it. Seemed like the guy probably knew something worth learning but I haven’t looked at his course bundle since.

Got me thinking about how I might be able to help you better with your marketing as an author. How could I not make this same mistake?

After long nights locked in my secret underground lab taking coffee through an intravenous drip, I finally got the beginnings of an idea.

And, if you know me, you’ll know that once I get an idea in my head, I follow it through to the bitter end!


If you’re reading this, it means I didn’t chicken out. It means I pushed the button on making this new big idea a reality. The dominos are now falling, and this email makes it official.

I’ll be sending out details in the next email.

Whatever happens, it’s been a fun ride! Hope you enjoy the show.


PS: Are you sick of the epidemic of internet information overload too? Hit “reply” and tell me about it. If I get to rant a bit, you can too! 

PPS – If you don’t want to hear about this legendary campaign, but you want to stay on our list, you can take yourself out here. Otherwise, stay tuned 🙂

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