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More Sales Meetings With Bigger, Better Prospects Who Are Ready To Buy

Close More Deals

Maximize Revenue

Grow Your Business

Do You Struggle To Get The Attention Of The Right Sales Prospects?

Does this sound all too familiar: 

Not having enough prospects to sell to?

Having trouble reaching new markets?

Are your sales staff idle, or worse still, desperate?

Maybe you even feel a sense of despair knowing there are SO many potential customers out there that you should be able to reach in this connected, online world?

We understand what it’s like not having the high quality leads you need to grow your business

We’ve helped individual clients close hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business deals. We’ve tuned our lead generation system into a smooth-flowing engine that consistently produces high-quality, high-volume sales opportunities.

Read Our Story

We’re a partnership built on love, business, and coffee.

Rocket Expansion’s directors, Matt Ziranek and Sonja Graser, decided we would have a whole lot more fun working together and building something amazing than we would on our separate career paths.

It’s proven to be a great decision.


Matt comes from the visual arts. He’s done virtually everything visually creative you can imagine, from enormous oils paintings to life-sized classical greek statues to furnishing architectural enrichments for Russian castles.

He’s no stranger to the digital arts as well…

In more recent years, Matt fell madly in love with digital marketing, becoming SEO certified under a famed SEO project manager for PayPal and Airbnb.

Sonja has a formal and professional grounding in graphic design, web design, and digital marketing.

With a former corporate career in creative marketing for local and international lifestyle brands, Sonja has been a key player in creative marketing teams for nearly two decades.

An adventurer by heart, she’s crossed the Atlantic by yacht, climbed the highest mountain in Africa, and is just generally a badass.

Together we lead a small, dedicated marketing team that lives somewhere in the magical space between art and science.

Our mission for your business growth? Rocket Expansion

We work with established businesses that have proven sales processes.

A Few Of The Industries We’ve Generated Leads For

Engineering Firms

Actual Client Results: Generated 839 enquiries in 10 months (even during a 2-month lockdown)


Actual Client Results: Generated 832 patient leads in 2020 (over 3 per workday)

Software Developers

Over $250K

Actual Client Results: Revenue from deals won directly from leads generated

Meet the Director

Matt Ziranek

Heading Your Lead Generation Team

How Does It Work?

Lead Generation Growth Plan

Discovery Call

To help us understand your unique business needs.

Design and Set Up

We set up your personalized lead generation system.

Get Your New Leads!

Receive enquiry forms from new leads and get calls automatically scheduled with your sales team.

Our Service Pledge To You


You’ll Know Exactly What You’re Getting Before You Pay


Overdelivering with Service AND Quality is simply how we roll


We care about you, your work, and your business vision. We treat your project with professionalism and treat you like a friend.

When it comes to our clients,

going above and beyond is simply how we roll

What Is It Costing You NOT Generating Enough Quality Leads?

Lost Revenue

The biggest hidden cost to your business is the deals you never closed

Stalled Growth

Without new business in new markets, your growth suffers

Idle Sales Staff

Sales teams thrive when they’re busy closing. No leads mean no opportunities mean no deals closed.

Business Failure

In changing times, lack of new business can even lead to shutting the doors completely

Just Imagine…

More deal opportunities than you can handle?

The ability to comfortably choose only the best clients?

A steadily growing customer base?

Skyrocketing revenue?

Constant contact with your market so you can better understand customer needs and improve your offering?

we proudly present…

The Rocket Expansion Lead Generation Program

Digital Marketing

Personalized marketing messaging, tailor-made for your ideal customers

(so that prospects are engaged and take action)

A done-for-you, automated marketing funnel that generates leads 24/7/365

(so you can concentrate on selling, not hunting for prospects)

Includes all copywriting, design, web development, email, and booking integrations as needed

Full paid ads monthly management.

(Includes audience targeting, conversion setup, budget recommendations and optimization, and campaign set up.)

The exact prospect information you need going into a sales meeting

(increasing your close rate)

Calls automatically booked according to your calendar availability

(so you can maximize your sales team’s output)

Authority building video script guidelines

(video is proven to increase lead generation result by around 50%)


Month-to-month payment plan. No contract lock-in

Monthly results reporting

You’re getting all of this, plus the confidence of having an experienced lead generation agency on your team going forwards when you get started today!

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