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On this page I’m going to do things little differently. I’m going to show you how you can help yourself generate leads, and also show you how we can help you fast-track the process. And it doesn’t even have to be one or the other, it can be a bit of both.

Even if you leave here feeling a little more confident that you can acheive your lead generation goals and never use our services, I’ll feel like this post has been a success.

You’ll want to keep on reading till you get to the infographic at least. That’s where it all really starts coming together.

At Rocket Expansion, we set up lead generation systems for your business.

Systems That Keep On Giving.

Our lead generation services: 

  1. Make your business and products Magnetic to customers and clients.
  2. Build an Automated System that keeps on pulling interested prospects into your sales pipeline.

So you can simply give them what they want, while they happily give you their money in return.

We use the most powerful marketing channel in the world to do it:


Our global population has become glued to their screens. The average adult spends 6 ½ hours a day online. We simply make sure some of this time is spent becoming crazy about your products and services.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is based on the crazy, exciting idea that your customers and clients should come to you. After all, it’s you that has what they want. Not the other way around right?

  • A “Lead” is a person or business who has shown real interest in buying your products or services.
  • “Generation” means creating something.
  • So “Lead Generation” is the process of creating interested, future customers for your business that you can easily sell to.

Our Business Leads Generation Strategy

  1. Define your target market: Who are your ideal customers?
  2. Understand your target market: What are they interested in? What do they really want?
  3. Gain their trust: Create helpful, motivational or entertaining content and offers. These offers position you a desirable source.
  4. Become the solution: As a trusted advisor, sell them what they really need.

Our Business Leads Generation Process

Why is cold calling so difficult? Why do you have to make so many calls and get so many NOs before you can get just one yes?

  1. You’re interrupting people, and stopping them from doing what they’re busy with.
  2. No one wants to have a deep decision making conversation with someone they barely know, much less buy something from them!

A much better way to do this is by using:


Now before you get all defensive and say that “no we don’t use this type of marketing!” or whatever, hear me out first…

Every business already has a Sales Funnel whether they know it or not. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in business!

All a sales funnel is, is the process that:

  1. Takes a complete unknown prospect
  2. Gets them to engage with your business
  3. They come to trust you
  4. Make a purchase
  5. Recommend you to others.

I’ll make it even easier for you with this sexy infographic our design team cooked up.

(I’d recommend really checking it out and reading the labels. It clearly shows how a funnel works.)


Introducing the star of our show…

The Sales Funnel

Download this infographic and show off how smart you are

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What we do is build you a sales funnel that works.

How we do this will depend on your business and who your ideal customers are.


Our Business Lead Generation Toolkit

1.Cold Audience

This is the stage where you are simply getting lots of brand new, unknown prospects into your sales funnel. We call this “traffic.” The tools we use are:


Over 50% of ALL the traffic on ALL the internet, comes from search engines (like Google). We help you get your slice of this tasty pie with our SEO services

Website Design

Your website needs to send a clean, clear message of what makes you special, to exactly the type of people that need to know.

Paid Advertising

The fastest track to targeting already interested buying-minded prospects. People actually click on paid Ads 2 times more often than other search results if they’re looking to buy something.

Social Media

The average adult spends 2-3 hours a day on social media. We make sure some of that time is spent becoming interested in your brand.

2.Warm Audience

The relationship-building phase is next. This is where we build trust, credibility, and authority. These qualities make you become more valuable to your audience. To do this, some of our tools are:


Ebooks are still one of the most effective ways to become welcome in someone’s Inbox. Here’s ours on Mastering Markting

Intro Products

The second sale is always easier than the first. An introductory affordable product offered in an irresistable way makes the first sale easy as well.

Content Marketing

People want to find great content to consume and share. We make sure your business is the source so they keep coming back for more (and see what else you have to offer.)

Email Campaigns

In this phase we build up your own sales leads database that you own. Smart welcome automations keep your business top of mind. New content and offers are sent out as they’re created.


After being warmed up in the previous phase you will now have a steady stream of sales leads to sell to. If you have ECommerce your sales will be driven through your website.

Call Scheduling

A must-have tool for smoothly closing business to business leads. Automated call scheduling systems let your audience schedule their sales calls with you, when you or your sales staff are available. To see an example, here’s ours.


We set up automated chatbots on your website and social channels to engage with your audience even if you’re not online. (Hit the green chat button in the bottom right corner for a demo.)

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The highest ROI of any digital marketing practice. CRO makes sure all of your efforts result in the highest possible percentage of sales by not losing prospects along the way.

Enquiry Forms

Online enquiry forms gather all the information you need to create the perfect proposal and offering.

4.Loyalty and Referrals

The easiest sources of sales are from those who have already bought from you. They’re also the most likely to refer you to others. 

Repeat Buyers

By nurturing your growing audience to ensure they stay engaged and interested they go on to buy more.


The more confidence there is in your products and services the easier future sales will be. We make it easy to get reviews from your happiest customers.


Referral programs encourage your customer base to tell their friends who then more easily become new customers.


By making sure you’re doing a fantastic job your customers start selling your products for you.

Think about how you came to read this web page…

You either found this in an online search (SEO), clicked through from Social Media, or maybe received an Email from us telling you to check it out.

Something like that right?

Right now you’re part of our sales funnel.

We want to help you perfect your funnel because we know this works.

We’d like to start building the relationship with you and your business, not to rip you off, but to help you get a ton of loyal customers that love doing business with you.

Don’t be a stranger! 😉

To reach out right now and see what we can do for your business, you can click the chatbot in the bottom right and schedule a call.

If you have a project in mind already, you can use the buttons in the “Fly with us” section below to tell us what you’re looking for.

We’ve created a lot more useful resources for you to use on our Resources Page. Feel free to check it out.

If you enjoy what you find there be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay connected.

I look forward to providing you with more useful tools and advice in the future, and would love to help you with your business’s marketing further.


Matthew Ziranek


Captain — Rocket Expansion

Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Agency

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  1. Susan M

    Thanks for the breakdown of how the sales funnel works in the digital age and nice funnel graphic. I learnt something new. 🙂


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