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We are artists and writers ourselves.

We know what it means to have unique personal tastes, a tendency to dislike marketing and self-promotion, and a deep need for self-expression.

We felt this so deeply that we’ve dedicated a part of our agency to serve the author and creative community. We’d love to help you overcome the hurdles of marketing yourself effectively online as an author or artist. Less time spent DIYing your artist or author website design and marketing is more time spent focussing on your creative passion.

Core Service

Creative Websites

The design of your website is about so much more than just a pretty face. It needs to encourage engagement, build your audience, sell your work.

You need a website that your fans feel is built just for them.

Core Service

SEO (Google Love)

50% of all online traffic comes from search engines, mostly Google. As part of every artist and author website package, we:

  • optimize all current pages for relevant keywords in search engines.
  • provide a personal screen-share coaching call with you to show you how to write content that is found in searches. You end the call ready to write your next content piece.
  • give you an SEO strategy session so that you or your publicist know exactly how to get more and more website traffic in the future.

Core Service

Build Your Platform

Author website design services are only one piece of the puzzle. Online marketing has many channels today in 2020.

You can try and master Facebook, Google or Amazon marketing solo, or you can get help from our professional consultants and platform managers.

We build you a fully-functioning, fan-centric sales funnel using our proven digital marketing strategy and keep improving it each month using feedback from marketing analytics.

We’ll kick off with a free consultation. Hit the button below to get started:

Featured Projects

Author Website Design and Marketing

Epic Fantasy Author: Davis Ashura

Davis Ashura is an epic fantasy author known for the series’ “The Castes and Outcastes: An Asian Indian Epic Fantasy” and “The Chronicles of William Wilde.”

He’s sold over 100K copies thus far and showing no signs of slowing down. Having discovered us by one of our other websites we built for another author, Davis boarded the Rocket to give his author website a complete re-design.

Celebrity Artist Website Design

Grammy Award Winner: Robin Hogarth

Robin Hogarth is the go-to expert in Traditional Southern African Music for TV and Film. His music has been used by Oprah, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. He’s collaborated on projects with Paul Simon, Alicia Keys, and Johnny Clegg.

This is the story of how we condensed a lifetime of music, achievements, and stories, including winning the highest accolade in the music world, into a website that still holds true to Robin’s unique and uplifting personal brand.

Author Website Design and World Building

Fantasy Author:    Melissa McPhail

Melissa McPhail is a rising star in the epic fantasy genre. Her audiobooks on Amazon Audible have featured in the No1 best-selling spot in the genre.

Over a detailed briefing phase we carefully discovered exactly what was needed and wanted in her new website. The overall concept is an immersive experience, submerging fans within the magical world of her novel series, “A Pattern of Shadow and Light”.

Author Website Design Services

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