12 Science Fiction Author Websites That Are Out Of This World

I LOVE building websites for science fiction authors. It’s not just anyone who can create a new universe in which believable characters do daring and incredible things and push their readers’ imaginations to their limits. All too often the website that goes along with their work is a horrible let-down though.

So this post is a bit of a tribute to science fiction authors in general as well as a showcase of some of the best science fiction author websites I was able to find online.

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Disclaimer: Some of these sites below are my agency’s own creations so, of course, I’m biased in this regard. I wouldn’t honestly add them if I didn’t think they were excellent. A guy can love his own work though right?

Here are my Top 12 Science Fiction Author Websites:

Daniel Gibbs


Ok, I’m leading with a great one, and also one that my own agency created (disclaimer again), but if you only view one sci-fi author website, you should definitely check out this one.

Not a lot of author websites lead with full-screen video, and it’s definitely not necessary, but it definitely creates a “WOW” factor. 

The whole emphasis of Daniel’s website is two-fold:

  1. world building on 25th-century steroids
  2. an electromagnetic call to action to join his email list and author funnel

Let’s talk about the world-building aspect first…

We took Gibb’s various amazing creative assets like recruitment posters, ship models, star maps, and awesome visuals. We then created dedicated pages for each of these to live in an interactive online experience his fans can get seriously lost in.

He has an interactive star map page, interactive ship schematics pages, a very detailed timeline page, and even a full-blown universe encyclopedia which he’s still getting all the entries ready for!

Check that all out here: https://danielgibbsauthor.com/universe/

The second notable thing about this website is the strong call to action to join the mailing list and the author funnel journey…

At the top right of the menu is bright yellow is the “Join The Fight” button. This takes you to a gorgeous sign-up landing page which you kind of feel compelled to join if you’re a military sci-fi nut. There is also this same signup section on most pages of the website.

I know his signup rates have dramatically spiked to a whole new level since we launched this website for him.

Richard Hummel


What I love about Hummel’s site is that it very much conveys the edgy post-apocalyptic dystopian feel that his genre lives in.

It’s also very visually on-brand as far as appealing to the RPG community. It feels like you’re entering some kind of gamer world as you navigate around the website.

I also really love Richard’s glitchy book trailer introducing his book and giving you a feel of what to expect.

I’ve connected with Richard before and he’s very engaged with his readers and community. You can really see he’s made an effort to create a website his fans will love.

James Maxwell


This is another one of my agency’s websites. James is both a fantasy and sci-fi author. His latest series crosses the boundaries of both.

We had a lot of fun creating this online extension of Maxwell’s world.

We again made a strong call to action to join his mailing list in the top right corner of the menu and on most of the site pages as well.

James is very much a reclusive author who likes to write and let his publisher do the heavy lifting marketing work. Understanding this we made his website mostly about showcasing his different series in an aesthetic and engaging way and giving him a solid home online for his many fans to enjoy.

We launched this website to coincide with the release of his latest trilogy which reached amazon top 2 best-selling for all science fiction and amazon top 6 for all fantasy! So we clearly did something right!

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Fonda Lee 


I love how Fonda Lee’s website style has a kind of gritty textured depth to it.

Everything is housed within this concrete/moon rock-like background, making the website feel very edgy. I also like how the emerald green accent color really contrasts with this shadow grey background. This is used to draw attention to the areas the user should interact with.

What I mainly love about this website is the branding which is distinctly sci-fi. However, I think the email signup call to action could be a lot stronger. With such an engaging look and feel I’m sure she’d get more subscribers if it was more obvious how to sign up and what you’d get when you did.

Michael Grumley.com


Michael Grumley’s website is aesthetic, well thought out, and fun to navigate around.

You can see he cares about his audience because he places a next book percentage-complete meter on the homepage. This is a clever way for readers to come back to his website to see how much longer they have to wait.

He’s also got some cool features like a Fact VS. Fiction FAQ on how real his concepts are which I thought was clever. It also shows readers how thoroughly he researched the ideas in his books, which is often a keynote of high-quality science fiction.

I also like that his new reader journey is clear but not in your face. In the top main menu, there is a “Free Ebook” item. Lower down the home page he also sells his free novella, and again in the footer.

So while it doesn’t feel desperate and salesy, it’s hard to miss if you wanted to dive into his work without buying.

Michael also includes a social responsibility angle I haven’t seen on many fiction author websites. He donates 100% of the revenue for one of his series to St. Jude’s Research Hospital, a children’s cancer aid, and research institute.

It’s clear this is an author who cares about his readers, and people in general as well. Anyone like that has earned a fan in me as well!

Veronica Roth


Veronica has a slick, interesting, easy to navigate website. There is very little incentive to join her mailing list, but as a big name author now on the big screen she probably doesn’t care too much about this I imagine.

I like how she’s given download material for the classroom to encourage discussion with teachers and librarians. This gives an opportunity for her works to be taken up as classroom discussion topics which is a clever marketing angle. Tackling complex issues in society is a core focus of many great sci-fi novels. I like that she’s taken the extra step to encourage her fans to go beyond only fiction.

Josh Malerman


Josh’s website is very edgy. The elements are a little all over the place with many different font styles and some crazy colors. Personally, I would probably have kept it more to only one or two fonts max.

What I do think is very cool is the way the menu items go crazy and glitchy as you hover over them.

If you haven’t already realized, I’m a big fan of a website that really makes some kind of an impression when you arrive: It’s not just another website. It’s an experience. Josh’s website has that feel and that’s why I love it.

Christopher Paolini


Paolino.net is actually the home of a family team of creatives that all work together to make this science fiction and fantasy brand come to life.

It opens up with their latest blog articles, many of which feature the latest releases and news about Christopher Paolini’s work.

I like how the website is mostly clean and simple and uses the book and product imagery to create interest and focus.

The website feels like a kind of concept or brand store, featuring all things Paolini. There is a whole section on art, a store where you can buy jewelry from the world, and just generally a very rich amount of supportive, world-building material.

Paolini also has a section for writers specifically. When you reach legendary status, others who would also like to be there want to know how you did it. The writers section gives back to the community that no doubt helped Chris achieve the success he now has.

Karen Osborne


The most notable thing about Karen’s site is the beautiful, fast-loading, full-screen video.

It immediately sets the scene for what to expect from her website and work.

She also follows it with a beautiful book trailer. I highly recommend authors to make use of video content as much as possible. A website is an opportunity to take the ways in which you interact with your readers to new levels. Don’t feel like you only have to stick to the written word and a bit of imagery.

My only criticism is that it feels like the website is kind of new and maybe needs more content. I couldn’t, for example, find out why Karen calls herself a visual storyteller. Maybe the videos? Not really sure.

All in all the website has some very cool elements though.

Amie Kaufman


Amie is another high contrast, good looking sci-fi author site.

I love her top header which very firmly roots the site in the science fiction genre.

I also like how the site makes use of a lot of white space. You don’t feel overwhelmed with content or information when you browse through it. The information is organized well and easy to find and consume.

She has some nice free offerings as well, like a podcast and a whole set of downloadable wallpapers.

I also really like how everything is very much geared towards appealing to a young adult sci-fi audience. Seems to me like she knows who she’s doing it for!

Marc Uwe Kling


This is a fun, almost vintage meets pop-art styled site.

A common design element is that things are leaning at weird angles. This breaks up the expected grid of most sites and keeps it interesting. It also fits his brand of “off-center” satire well.

I love the way the books section menu works on the Publications page. Again, using this off-center motif as the branding element. As you click on a different book, it highlights it and shows the blurb and info beneath.

Like many of these sites, the mailing list call to action could be stronger, but it’s overall a well build, interesting and good-looking website.

Cory Doctorow


I had to include this one because it’s just, well, a little over the top!

It’s pretty much the opposite of clean and clear at first glance but I figured out how it works quite quickly so I can’t really fault it too much.

On the right-hand side of the page is a visual menu of everything available on the site. You click any element and it shows the information about it on the left when you do. 

I guess making this site this way is a solution to a lot of information that is still displayed in an engaging way. If you like this guy’s work I can imagine getting lost in this website.

Your Author Website


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I’ve attempted to show a range of approaches and styles of science fiction author websites to give you some ideas for your own website. If you’re looking for even more examples check out our article on fantasy author websites, and also our mega article on author websites in general.

Over to you dear reader…

  • What did you think of my top sci-fi author website choices?
  • Are there any sci-fi author websites you think should be on this list that aren’t?

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