A Live Interactive Workshop To

Transform Your Marketing Message…
From Noise To Crystal Clear

When You’re Using The Right Words, Customers Listen And Take Action

We Understand The Pain Of Your Valuable Offer Being Ignored.

After building beautiful websites for years we realized something was missing: Getting website visitors to do something on the website (enquire, buy, reach out, etc.)

We discovered that it’s the words on the page that make people take action. So we developed a new service:

We help businesses work out exactly what to say to get exactly the type of customers they want.

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We’re a partnership built on love, business, and coffee.

Rocket Expansion’s directors, Matt Ziranek and Sonja Graser, decided we would have a whole lot more fun working together and building something amazing than we would on our separate career paths.

It’s proven to be a great decision.

Matt comes from the visual arts. He’s done virtually everything visually creative you can imagine, from enormous oils paintings to life-sized classical greek statues to furnishing architectural enrichments for Russian castles.

He’s no stranger to the digital arts as well…

In more recent years, Matt fell madly in love with digital marketing, becoming SEO certified under a famed SEO project manager for PayPal and Airbnb.

Sonja has a formal and professional grounding in graphic design, web design, and digital marketing.

With a former corporate career in creative marketing for local and international lifestyle brands, Sonja has been a key player in creative marketing teams for nearly two decades.

An adventurer by heart, she’s crossed the Atlantic by yacht, climbed the highest mountain in Africa, and is just generally a badass.

Together we lead a small, dedicated marketing team that lives somewhere in the magical space between art and science.

Our mission for your business growth? Rocket Expansion

What Business Owners Like You Are Saying About Our Marketing Message Workshop:


Actual Client Results: Generated 832 patient leads in 2020 (over 3 per workday)


I can’t praise the team at Rocket Expansion enough. Throughout a complete overhaul involving a new web site, change in hosting, email templates and more, my experience was of a passionate, dedicated group with technical brilliance and artistic flair.

I felt like I was in safe hands, and still do, and I look forward to working with the team in the future.

Engineering Firms

Actual Client Results: Generated 839 enquiries in 10 months (even during a 2-month lockdown)

Software Developers

Over $250K

Actual Client Results: revenue from deals won directly from leads generated

Meet the Directors

Matt and Sonja

Heading Your Lead Generation Team

Meet the Directors

Matt and Sonja

Heading Your Lead Generation Team