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by Jan 22, 2020

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Referral marketing has become one of the chosen tools of marketers, and they want to make the most out of it. Every business wants to grow while not losing focus on the existing one. In that case, referral marketing is the best choice one marketer can make. When we say the best referral marketing program, it means we have to be ready with all our strategies to make it best. There are a lot of business benefits after using it, but you should keep this thing in mind that you have to have proper knowledge of your existing customer base, a sound support system, and a lot more. In this article, we are going to learn about referral marketing, and then we will learn its features and then its strategies.


What is the referral marketing program?

In a referral marketing program, a loyal customer of a brand refers to its favorite product and service to his friends and family. In a layman language, referral marketing means recommending/referring any product or service to someone. We all are doing referral marketing for a long time, but we didn’t realize it because we always did unofficially. We suggested our friends and family without having any personal motive.  Even when our friends or relatives suggest anything to us, we tend to purchase those things because of trust.

Referral marketing is also known as word of mouth marketing, and as its name suggests telling someone their experience, review, or opinion of any product or service. One must keep this thing in kind that word of mouth can be positive or negative. It entirely depends on the customer’s experience.  But things have changed now. People don’t often meet or talk with their close ones, and therefore, it becomes difficult to share or refer to something.

Since social media has connected people through the Internet, and now everyone is using social media, it becomes vital to revolutionize the way of doing word of mouth Aka referral marketing programs. The Internet has changed our lifestyle, and businesses also need to change their way if they want to interact with the customer. Digitization has made it easy to do online shopping while sitting down at home; we can order clothes, food, daily needs products, and much more.


Let’s move forward and learn some compelling facts about the referral marketing program.

  • Recommendations from friends help 84% of people to make their product-related decision.
  • 92% of people trust recommendations from their friends and family over an advertisement.
  • On average, 14% of people who come through referrals make the purchase.
  • According to the New York Times. 65% of the new customers or business comes through referral.
  • According to the Nielsen survey, people are four times more likely to purchase when referred by a friend.

See how beneficial it is for any industry, how it can expand any business or industry by many folds.


Let’s learn some features of the referral marketing program

Trusted outcomes.

Referral marketing is the most trusted source for the outcomes of any industry. Why is it called trusted? Because the referral program’s base has been established on the trust of existing customers. These customers are already using your product and have a favorable view of your product. When people are satisfied with any brand, they are more likely to promote it. Therefore, this program assures a high return on investment as it helps every industry to grow and establish its goodwill.





Referrals are Economical.

It is economical because you don’t need to make any extra efforts to fetch data for getting new customers. Referral marketing programs don’t break your budgets like any other mode of the advertisement or promotional methods. The referrals are way cheaper than the old ways of promoting a brand. You won’t require a large team of employees to improve it. Once you start your referral program, you will not need extra staff to support it. It is not just economical but also easily manageable, and any business without need any mastery of software can handle it through a single dashboard and can track everything.

Already there is an existing market for you.

For making your referral program a hit, you don’t need to find a market for launch. When we already have a product in the market, there are customers associated with it. Some of them are using your product for quite a long time, make a list of them, and you will find a market to launch your program. Referrals program root lies in loyal customers, and at times they become your advocates. See, you don’t need to rush to find a market as it is already there for you. Just make use of your advocates and see a difference. Launching a referral program is not difficult as you have to use your valuable assets, and they will bring potential customers for you.

A way to keep your advocates happy.

When you keep your existing customers happy, they help you to develop your brand. A Referral marketing program allows businesses to know their customer better and even reward them occasionally. When firms try to make themselves better for customer satisfaction, it makes them feel valued and privileged. By launching a referral program, companies can fulfill two motives; first, it brings the existing customers closer to their favorite brand; second, it helps companies to establish goodwill in the market. Since you are now aware of its features, they will help you to make it best.

If you want to launch the best referral marketing program, then follow these simple steps.

Target your advocates.

Advocates are those loyal customers that have an unshakeable trust in your product, and they can defend your product among other brands. So, if you target them, they are more likely to refer it to their friends and family. Even they will solve their queries as well, and influence their decision.   Drive them through incentives. Your loyal customers or advocates like your services, and are likely to promote it. But if you offer them rewards or incentives, they will feel encouraged and will try their best to influence others. If you want them to take steps further for your brand, then reward is the most suitable way to keep them moving. If you give prizes to them, it prompts them to spread the right words to everyone.

Keep Reminding them about the offers.

If you want to give a sure shot, then launching a referral program is not enough. Keep sending reminders to them along with the deadlines to make them excited. Sending reminders will always hit their mind regarding the rewards as well as their emotions related to that brand. You can send them text messages, personalized emails, or pop-ups on their devices.

Know your customer behavior.

Every business wants to make its customers happy by beating its competitors and becoming the customer’s first choice. Analyze their purchasing behavior from the start to the present day. It will help you to understand their preferences better. You can even track their movement on your website through heat maps. If you know your customers well, then it will be easy for you to pull them.

Make your customer support sound.

Customer support plays a crucial role in connecting a brand with customers. It does not only help in connecting but also improves the brand’s goodwill. If you want your loyal customers to pay attention to your program, then firstly you need to make your communication healthy with your customers. Customers like when their favorite brand responds to their queries. So make sure you have an excellent customer support system.Keeping the enormous advantages of referral marketing in mind.



Here are the strategies that can take your referral marketing program to its best.

The authenticity of the product.

Every product that exists in the market has some reason for existence, that means products are made to solve the requirement of the customers, and it is the main reason that your product will grab customer’s attention. A good quality product is the primary concern of every customer. Therefore there should be no compromise with quality. So, if you have an authentic product, then your customer will always find a reason to buy it.     

Make yourself interactive.

If you want to make your customers satisfied, then it is necessary to have an interaction with them. The communication will help both of you to understand better about the brand and customer’s needs. Make sure that your team is polite and helpful, and always there for them. Behavior matters a lot in business, so make your customers feel valued and welcomed every time they visit.

Proactively asks them for referrals.

Every customer is not that active that they start promoting your brand whenever they get a chance, so don’t commit this mistake by leaving all work on them. When your customers come to you, make sure you ask them if they want to be a part of your program or not. If you ask them face to face or at the time of billing, no customer will deny to support it.

Offer them freebies or incentives.

Offering them freebies or incentives encourage customers to do something for you. If you want them to make an effort to influence others’ decisions then give them vouchers, cash prizes are the appropriate way to lure them. 

Increase your visibility.

If you want to lure a massive no. of customers, then make your referral marketing campaign visible. When we say visible, it means that whenever a customer visits your site, he always has got a pop-up regarding the program. Post blogs related to your program so that it can help customers to understand it better and make them join your advocates’ community.


In this article, we have learned a lot about a referral marketing program. We have gone through its facts and features to understand it better, its importance and its strategies to make it unique, impactful and best. These strategies will give you an insight into how you can improve your ways and develop an excellent referral program. I hope this article improves your knowledge base and helps you to develop the desired plan.  Keep learning and sharing.



Author – Shivani
Shivani is a content writer at InviteReferrals. She writes SEO articles, blogs, and guest posts for businesses to improve website ranking on SERP. She follows a balanced approach for the quality of content and its marketing. She loves to do creativity, although she had an English major in her graduation. Check out more blogs: invitereferrals.com


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